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Abrasive blasting is an efficient, fast and safe way to completely strip paint, grime, rust and oxidation from your parts without damaging the surface in order to provide a clean palette for coating. It is important to note that any paint job is only as good as the surface preparation of the surface being painted.

Our state-of-the-art equipment, used effectively in combination with our full understanding of metal behavior, results in damage-free blasting to leave a surface that is excellent for any coating to adhere to. Each piece brought to us is carefully stripped by our abrasive blasting technology using media such as garnet, aluminum oxide or glass beads to ensure a rust-free surface ready for coating. Using a fraction of the abrasive and water of other types of blasting, our unique wet blasting services significantly reduces or eliminates airborne particle dispersal and creates no heat at the point of impact, which eliminates part warping. For our outdoor blasting services, little to no containment is required to protect adjacent buildings, equipment or the general public, saving considerable labor hours by minimizing set-up and cleanup procedures to ensure quick job completion.

Many types of surfaces can be media blasted in our facility or off-site including:


Automotive, monuments, sandstone, brick, concrete, wood and more. Low dust allows operations to be completed safely even in populated urban environments. Very fine abrasive techniques can be used for very delicate surfaces and substrates.


Automotive restoration can be performed on surfaces such as aluminum, fiberglass and steel. Easily remove paints, fillers and undercoatings without part warping caused by heat transfer.